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Magnificent Metamorphosis Magazine is for the reader who is seeking mindfulness-based, uplifting, educational, entertaining, and thought-provoking material that promotes positive change and personal insight.

Each issue includes inspiring articles in featured sections, by leading experts on Mindfulness, People for Positive Change, Arts and Music, Healthy Living, and Passion Business Ideas. The magazine is designed to promote reflection, introspection, and transformation arising from the well of undiscovered wisdom within. If you are looking for inspiration to make positive changes in your life, look no further.  

Letter to Caroline

by Elizabeth Fannin (Lykins)

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Reflections on Transcendence is a mindfulness-based book of meditations and reflections, that fosters introspection, consciousness, and awakening from the grip of anxiety, worry, and unhealthy thinking.

Open to any random page for nuggets of inspiration and a visual feast, with fifty-nine masterful paintings by expressionist artist, the late, Steven D. Lyons.

"Lykins offers readers new to the idea of 'inside-out' thinking a clear introduction, and those with some experience in cultivating a mind-centered perspective a good collection of jumping-off spots for reflection. Takeaway: Awash in calming insight, these reflections on lasting happiness will appeal to readers looking to dip into universal wisdom.  Great for fans of: Sydney Banks’s The Enlightened Gardener; Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now."    ~ Editor's pick, Booklife Editorial Review

"Written in easy-to-read and lovely prose, this book will help you fix the conflict within yourself, find your power, and live purposefully. Reflections on Transcendence is a rare gift of love. Buy two copies of this book - one for you and the other for a loved one."  ~ The Book Commentary 5 star review

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Liza was at the crossroads of her life, having just arrived in San Francisco. It was there that she found Genevieve, the love of her life. The years that followed were happy ones, full of adventure and constant companionship, until they decided to start a family. Liza and Genevieve set out on a complicated journey to have a child; one that would ultimately consume them. Liza chronicles the longing, pain, hope, loss, and self-doubt that infertility would unroof for both of them; each in their own unique way.

Liza's reflective narrative as conveyed to her daughter Caroline, is for anyone who has experienced profound loss that seems impossible to overcome. The themes contained in this work are universal: love, longing, futility, hope, forgiveness and finally, inner peace.

"There are moments in one's life that must be remembered; stories that ache to be heard, clawing their way out of deepest darkness and pain to reach some sort of light. This is one of those stories; the story of the love of my life, whose name you also bear; a story of love, hope, loss, and redemption."

A Simple Low Carb Life

Support for the keto lifestyle


Issue 12 - Includes mindfulness articles by UK psychologist Dorothy Martin, performance coach Raul Rojas (in Spanish), podcast hosts Del Adey Jones & Barry Selby, podcast host Wendy Manganaro, Bec Sheffield, and Elizabeth M. Lykins; Julian Freeman is featured in People for Positive Change; The poetry and performance of Leanne Webber in Arts; Ready Made Keto Resources in Healthy Living; and Anke Herrmann with Roxane Popet in Passion Business.  


Issue 1 of Magnificent Metamorphosis Magazine includes the art work and tips on creativity by renowned expressionist artist, Steve Lyons; reflections on grief by John Pavlovitz; how to return to civility, by Judith Sedgeman; the inspiring work of Robin Lockhart on Eastside Story; and much more.


Issue 2 includes articles by renowned author, Jamie Smart, who details what our feelings are really telling us; by Vivienne Edgecombe who busts the myths of childlessness and its impact; how tremendous grief can be turned into hope; practical keto resources for healthy living; a review of World Full of Trouble by Big Al and the Heavyweights, and much more.


Issue 3 - Includes articles by Linda Sandel-Pettit;  renowned sports coach, Denise Holland; Upspiring Team- Jonny Bowden and Nikki Owen; Artist Natalie Coblentz; Soles4Souls mission to lift people out of poverty worldwide; UK painter, Terri Broughton shares her insights on self-realization;  jazz vocalist, Gail Pettis; business coach Anke Herrmann; food blogger Carolyn Ketchum; and more!


Issue 4 - Features articles on Mindfulness by Michael Neill, Grant Wattie, Del Adey-Jones, and more; Habitat for Humanity International is featured in People for Positive Change; the profound impact of Joni Mitchell and more in Arts; Tips from Sugar Free Londoner founder in Healthy Living; and more tips to growing your business by Anke Herrmann, in Passion Business.


Issue 5 - Contributors include coach Emily Nature, gerontologist Dr. John Countryman, filmmaker Julian Freeman, Self Care Space's Walker West, photographer Chris Nunan, UK artist Terri Broughton, author David Jacobson, podcast host Del Adey Jones, Functional Nutrition Practitioner Shonda Holt, Business and tech coach Anke Herrmann, and renowned coach and entrepreneur Grant Wattie. Jose Andres' World Central Kitchen is also featured.


Issue 6 - Contributors include renowned coaches Del Adey-Jones, Grant Wattie, Anke Herrmann, Don Scott, Harry Derbitsky, Jacquie Forde, Jill Whalen, and Laurie Holmes; filmmaker Julian Freeman, PGA professional Gavin Long, poet Leanne Webber, multi-instrumentalist and coach Nick Bottini, functional medicine physician, Lonna Larsh, MD,  a commemoration of the life of the late artist, Steve Lyons, and more.  

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Issue 7 - Includes an exclusive interview by The Transformation Journey, with Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr; People for Positive Change- featuring the work of Jacqueline Hollows of Beyond Recovery, in the UK prison system; Arts - with a sneak preview of the solo exhibition of renowned UK artist, Terri Broughton; Healthy Living - featuring delicious and healthy recipes by Doc Off Clock and more; and Passion Business - with tech guru Anke Herrmann.


Issue 8 - Features an interview with Dicken Bettinger by filmmaker Julian Freeman; People for Positive Change -  Jenny Lavender, the manager of volunteer services in a Southern Ohio Hospital ; Arts - short film ''SICK - the Movie'', by filmmaker Paul McKenzie; Passion Business -with tech guru Anke Herrmann; Healthy Living - Keto Nut Bread Recipe; and more articles from thought leaders that inspire!


Issue 9 - Includes short films about cancer survivor Maureen York and the late, Wendi Saggase by filmmaker, Julian Freeman;  Mindfulness articles by Bee Sheffield, Debra Simmons, Del Adey­Jones, Siobhan Friel, and Nicola Bird; Matt Damon and Gary White's Water Org; UK artists Lucy Sheffield, Melissa Foster, and poet Leanne Webber in Arts; Kat Seibert, MD in Healthy Living; Anke Herrmann in Passion Business; and much more!


Issue 10 - Includes articles by Del Adey-Jones, films by Stars of Wellbeing, with additional mindfulness contributors - Maro Oosthuizen, Siobhan Friel, Chris Pearce, George Halfin and Raul Rojas (in Spanish); Heifer International Charity is featured; UK artist Katie House and poet, Leanne Webber in Arts;  UK Herbalist Bee McGovern and Tracey McBeath share their health expertise; Anke Herrmann provides ongoing business tips, and much more.


Issue 11 - Features mindfulness articles by Debra Simmons, Siobhán Friel, Bec Sheffield, Del Adey-Jones, short films by Julian Freeman, & Raul Rojas (in Spanish); Marian Perez and Gabriela Maldonado Montano in People for Positive Change; Poetry by Leanne Webber in Arts; Tips on foot care by rheumatologist, Kat Gilek-Seibert, MD in Healthy Living; podcast with Anke Herrmann and Jacquie Forde - Unashamedly Human, and more!


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"I think it is outstanding; The best 3P based access to wellbeing I have read.”

~Bill Cumming, Director, The Boothby Institute  

"I implore anyone who is curious about this book to invest in it, make the time for yourself to listen to it at your own pace

(preferably more than once to give time for its ideas to settle and be fully realised), and stay open and receptive to its

unique perceptions." ~ Leanne Webber, UK Poet

"It is in these reflective moments and in the spaces between the chapters, between the words and the stunning art, that the power of this book lies… Read a bit and then sit in silence and let it soak in!” ~ Robin Lockhart, Therapeutic Coaching

"The book is a beautiful compilation of ancient, timeless wisdom from many sources. I really enjoyed the concept and format of this book. The range of wisdom shared was truly impressive!" ~Linda Sandel Pettit, Ed D, Counseling Psychologist

"Dramatically illustrated by Steven D. Lyons, this important new book has the potential to transform your understanding of the human experience and offers a roadmap to a more peaceful and effortless life." ~ Dr. John Countryman, Narrative Gerontologist  

"I would liken the words of this book to having a personal guidance counselor; one who allows the freedom to walk through the days of life in privacy and attempt to unlock one’s personal journey. This book took me on a journey through my personal suitcase.”  ~Celia McBride, RN, Emergency Medicine Nurse  

“Be prepared to get comfortable, open your mind, and be open and curious about what you are hearing from inside. Enjoy the journey.”  ~Clésia Mendes, Speaker and Mindset Head Coach  

“It is a wonderful guide into understanding concepts of mindfulness and a beacon of light for those searching for answers.” ~Meredith Broderick, MD, Sleep Medicine Specialist/Neurologist