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Most of us spend the majority of our lifetime seeking happiness either from others or material things, which ultimately leaves us feeling empty inside.

As you look to material things, relationships, and substances to bring you happiness, although you may feel satisfied for a little while, the feeling never lasts. You may blame relationships, children, jobs, an overbearing boss, or life circumstances as the cause of your unhappiness.  The cycle goes on and on until you grow so tired of suffering that you either give up on life, continue your endless and frustrating search, or become open to the remote possibility that happiness might not be found where you have been looking.

Your experience of life actually arises from inside of you, and is not dictated by outside forces. Gaining this realization leads to profound personal insights and access to a greater wisdom than you have ever known before.  

My mission is to lead you toward knowing with every fiber of your being, who you really are. My superpower is seeing who you really are beneath your current way of showing up in the world, while guiding you toward seeing this for yourself. Being and embracing who you really are, changes everything about your life. The "doing" will flow naturally moment by moment, once your innate sense of well-being is unleashed from within.

I specialize in mentoring clients who have come from or are living unconventional and non-traditional lifestyles. Not everyone has had an idyllic upbringing (including me). All are welcomed in my "family".

I offer personal and business transformational mentoring programs to create dramatic change, am the author of mindfulness-based book - Reflections on Transcendence, and the publisher of mindfulness-based digital magazine - Magnificent Metamorphosis Magazine. My publications provide a reflective space for introspection and respite from the outside world, while private mentoring supports you as YOU transform and create the life you really want. Investing in YOU, is the most powerful investment you will ever make.

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Most of us spend our entire life searching for happiness and inner peace.

When we expect others to provide us with happiness, we are left very disappointed, over and over again.

What if what we have been searching for has been within us all along?

What if we could somehow begin to understand that lasting happiness comes from the inside-out and not from the outside-in?

Transformational mentor Elizabeth M. Lykins and world-renowned expressionist artist Steven D. Lyons, have partnered to create a mindfulness based book of meditations,  that promotes introspection and reflection. Open the book to any random page to find inspiration and moving imagery to direct you inward. Within is where the Universe is waiting to gently guide you toward the happiness you have been seeking.

Reflections on Transcendence.

Read the first chapter of my book for free.

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