Elizabeth M. Lykins

A Magnificent Metamorphosis

The World Within

Most of us are plagued with feelings of inadequacy and endless want for material things.  We long for the latest fashions, flashy cars, beautiful homes, the most gorgeous mates, eternal youth, and endless pots of money to get whatever we want when we want it.  It is an endless, futile search to find happiness in the material world.  This philosophy of life is an empty one, that will never bring us the lasting happiness that we seek.

Sure, for moments we will be pleased with our new acquisitions.  But, it will not be too long before the latest possession loses its appeal and we continue to seek more and more. These feelings arise from a huge misunderstanding of the true nature of life.

Nothing outside of us, has the power to create happiness within us.

We may be living in either abject poverty or have millions of dollars at our command.  Yet, in spite of our condition, we already have the power to experience happiness, no matter what our circumstances in life. Happiness can only ever arise from within, welling up from the amazing inner spirit that every being possesses.

As we observe the play of a very young child, it is easy to appreciate that it does not matter to them, whether their toy is a stick or an expensive one.  They experience joy in the moment by experimenting in amazement, with whatever they have at hand, in that moment.  They live entirely in the present.  Their happiness is not dependent on the objects they possess. It arises from within them.  Each of us came into this world with this amazing gift.  It is still within us, waiting to burst free.

With time and ongoing, toxic conditioning, we have forgotten how to view the world with awe and wonder, grateful for our very existence and our ability to experience mortality in its multi-faceted ways.  

It is when we attempt to achieve happiness from outside of us, that we are left wanting, saddened, and feeling utterly empty.  If we are very still and reflective, we can feel tremendous power arising from within us, allowing us to fully experience the wonder of the world around us.  

Extraordinary People

It is easy to fall into the trap of bemoaning the hardships that we have faced in our lives; ones that may have already come and gone.  Some of us may even see these hardships as coming from a cruel universe or an angry god who is punishing us for some offense that we do not even realize that we have committed. This pattern creates a victim mentality and is one of the more self-destructive patterns facing humanity.

This belief sets the stage in our life's drama, to create failure after failure as we attempt to please others and meet their expectations of us. Like chasing the wind, living a lifetime of attempting to please others as a means of feeling worthy, will leave us feeling emotionally broken.  Our inner self then becomes buried in the process, locked away, while constantly seeking an opening to emerge.  Inner turmoil becomes the norm as we become trapped in this negative spiral.

If we step back for only a moment, to observe our life while reflecting on our place in this world, our inner voice can propel us in the direction of appreciating that it is the hardships in our lives that have taught us the most. While painful to pass through at the time, they have no further power to harm us in the present moment, once they have passed. These trials and hardships can become our best teachers and foster wisdom. How we choose to channel our attention on any particular thought, is a matter of perspective.

Toxic thoughts produce toxic feelings leading to toxic actions. By observing our thoughts, we can choose which ones to give further attention to and which ones to let go. Our amazing brain will quickly become distracted with another random thought if we do not focus on the toxic, negative ones that arise. This is very empowering.

We generally view ourselves as ordinary people. While the world is full of people, the times that we are currently experiencing in our mortal world are most extraordinary and complex. Within each of us is the innate capacity to rise up to do extraordinary things that can nurture our fellow beings with compassion, respect, integrity, and understanding. As we begin to understand how it feels to be on the other side of hardships, we can begin to more easily feel empathy and compassion for those who are also suffering.

We are all connected, one to another,  sharing a Divine Intelligence, and bound together by the mortal world in which we live. Once we understand this at our very core, our eyes will begin to open, our ears will begin to hear, and we will begin to deeply understand that each of us, already has within us, the innate ability to be extraordinary.  We came into this world in an extraordinary way, and already are extraordinary people.

Trying To Be Good

You are the Universe in mortal form.

Divine Intelligence is at your core. You do not have to do anything to try to be good. You are already goodness in human form. Contaminated thoughts and looking outside of ourselves for direction, can lead us to make decisions that are harmful to both ourselves and others. The remedy for this misunderstanding and any mistakes made because of it,  is to look within, where the good that you already are, can set you on the right path again.  #amagnificentmetamorphosis #mindfulliving #mindfulness

You Are the Sky

It is important to remember, in these very chaotic times, that who we really are,  is the vast canvas of the universe.  The storms, clouds, and violent weather that come and go, are only temporary challenges that appear briefly, then disappear. Troubled times that come and go, are an ongoing cycle of challenges that each of us will face, during our time here in mortality. That which animates our mortal life, the Divine Intelligence within, is timeless, and cannot be destroyed by the weather.

When you are feeling overwhelmed, pause for just a moment in the space between breaths, to return to the present moment. See it for what it is without resisting it. We cannot change what already IS. To attempt to do so, creates significant turmoil and anxiety within us.

When we accept this moment as it is, we are able to tap into our spiritual nature, to know what we need to do in THIS moment, what we need to learn from it, and how to maneuver the challenge calmly.

The storm will pass, as it always does, giving us moments of calm, until we face the next one. 

Big love,

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