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I am a transformation expert, publisher of mindfulness resources, and best selling author with training as a licensed medical provider.  I have decades of experience treating patients in emergency medicine~urgent care, coaching clients one on one, and coaching in a group setting.  I have dedicated my professional and personal life to supporting others as they transform their lives to awaken happiness from within.

I assist clients to see what they have not yet seen in themselves, resulting in dramatic personal transformation. I specialize in working with professionals who experience overwhelm and anxious thoughts as a result of past conditioning,  which may be affecting their current success and personal life.  The individualized mentoring sessions that I offer, support clients to gain a deeper awareness and understanding of their own sense of self and purpose. Strict confidentiality is assured when you work with me.

With a transformational coaching approach, there are no techniques to perform and no analysis of the intricate details of your past. YOU are the focus in this type of coaching. By working with me, your innate potential will be discovered, embodied, and unleashed, while I provide ongoing support during this transformation process. When you are my client, I will not give up on you and will work diligently to encourage you to not give up on yourself.

I am the author of Reflections on Transcendence, a mindfulness-based book of meditations and reflections, featuring the paintings of acclaimed expressionist artist, the late Steven D. Lyons, available at online booksellers globally.  Audible version

All of my publications and resources are specifically designed to move the reader away from thinking with their intellect alone, and into a reflective space, conducive to receiving personal insights and guidance from the inside-out.   Get a free copy of the First Chapter of my book.

I am the publisher of  Magnificent Metamorphosis Magazine - Inspiration for Positive Change , with each issue containing mindfulness-based content from renowned global experts on a variety of topics in each issue, that supports transformation, inspiration, and self improvement. The magazine is no longer in current publication, but each of the back issues are available for purchase here.

My first published book, Letter to Caroline,  chronicles Liza's difficult journey through infertility with unanticipated results, written under the nom de plume of Elizabeth Fannin (Lykins). A must read for anyone who has experienced profound loss and is seeking to find meaning and purpose on the other side of that loss. Audible version

I attended medical school at the University of Washington School of Medicine and the University of Nebraska Medical Center. I have been practicing medicine since 1996. I have received additional training and certifications in NLP, Transformational Coaching, EFT, CBT-I, clinical hypnotherapy, and life/success coaching.  I utilize the Three Principles understanding by Sydney Banks,  the works of Eckhart Tolle, Don Miguel Ruiz, and many others with similar mindfulness-based philosophies, in my approach with clients.

Elizabeth M. Lykins

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