Elizabeth M. Lykins

A Magnificent Metamorphosis

transformational coaching

We spend most of our lifetime seeking happiness outside of ourselves, which ultimately leaves us feeling empty inside.

As we look to material things, relationships, and substances to bring us happiness, although we may feel satisfied for a little while, the feeling does not last. We tend to blame our relationships, our children, our jobs, our boss, or our life circumstances for our unhappiness.  The cycle goes on and on until we grow so tired of suffering that we either give up on life or we become open to the remote possibility that happiness might not be found in the material world after all.

If we learn about the principles behind how life really works, a dramatic shift in thinking arises.  Our experience of life actually arises from the inside-out, not from the outside-in. This realization leads to profound personal insights and access to a greater wisdom than we have ever known before.



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