A Magnificent Metamorphosis

We spend our lifetime seeking happiness; often from people, relationships, careers or material things. This quest to find happiness outside of ourselves, ultimately leaves us feeling empty inside and wanting more and more.

As you look to material wealth, relationships, and substances to bring you happiness, although you may feel satisfied for a little while, the feeling never lasts. You may blame relationships, children, jobs, career, an overbearing boss, or life circumstances as the cause of your unhappiness.  The cycle goes on and on until you grow so tired of suffering that you may begin to wonder --"what is the point?"  Still, you continue your endless search because you do not know what else to do.  Perhaps you have reached a point where you might be open to the remote possibility that happiness might not be found where you have been looking after all.

Where can you find happiness? How can you let worry and stress go? How can you free yourself from persistent anxious thoughts or unexplained sadness?

The truth is, your experience of life arises from inside of you, and is not controlled by outside forces. Nothing can "give" you happiness. Happiness is already inside of you, covered up by your social conditioning. Coming to this realization leads to profound personal insights and access to a greater wisdom than you have ever known before.  You can unlearn what you have learned and be who you were meant to be... truly happy.

My mission is to lead you toward knowing with every fiber of your being, who you really are before the world changed you. My skill is the ability to see who you are beneath your current way of showing up in the world, while guiding you gently toward seeing this for yourself. Being who you truly are, underneath the social conditioning that has caused you to doubt yourself and your worth, changes everything in your life. Transformation will unfold naturally, moment by moment, once your unconditioned self is discovered and unleashed.


I offer a variety of transformational coaching programs, resources, mindfulness publications, and Mindfulness Merch to support you along your journey and to promote dramatic changes within. Browse the available options to select the ones that work best for you.

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